Rising Stars Shine Bright in 3-on-3

Rising Stars Shine Bright in 3-on-3

12U Boys Finish in 1st Place

Ashland Wis - The 12U Boys finished in 1st place in the Northland Elite 3-on-3 tournament held at the Ashland Fieldhouse in Ashland Wisconsin.

After winning games 15-2, 15-4, 15-6 and 15-3, the Rising Stars Basketball 12U Boys take home some hardware.

The little giants played exceptionally well as a team, held the other teams in check on defense, and scored quickly. The championship game included a matchup between two undefeated teams that were beating teams 15-3 (avg score), but Rising Stars proved to be too much for Duluth Marshall.

14U Girls Finish in 2nd Place

The 14U Girls finished in 2nd place with some hard fought games. They came out to a slow start, but picked up the steam once they warmed up.

The first game was a loss 10-7 as time ran out. The girls were on a 6-0 scoring run as time ran out, and the opposing team held the ball.

The second game against long-time foe, Northwestern resulted in a 15-6 win.

The third game was a 15-4 win against Ashland giving the 14U Girls the 2nd place finish.

Old Doodz Finish in 2nd Place

The Old Dood division included three wins against some stiff competition in the Northland Elite 3-on-3.

After two wins 20-14, 20-4, and 20-15, the championship game against a tough Northland College athlete and some Northland Elite coaches.

This was a see-saw game that went back and forth until the final buzzer

The final buzzer included a last second 3 pointer going in to bring the Rising Stars Old Doodz an 18-19 loss and 2nd place finish.

Rising Stars Basketball is a non-profit basketball club located in Hayward Wisconsin and operates as the only Native-owned basketball club in the Midwest providing opportunities for northern Wisconsin athletes with elite level player development and competition.

Rising Stars Basketball
10767 Nyman Ave
Hayward WI 54843

Rising Stars Athletes (L to R): Mikey Quaderer, Adel Amparo, and Logan Hautamaki

Team Members (L to R): Kendal DeCora, Melody Isham, Ryley Quaderr, Jasmine Wooten, and Reiley Kavanaugh

Rising Stars Athletes (L to R): Tyson Radermacher, Curtis DeCora, Eddie Badhand, and Willis Ford.