Rising Stars Basketball Creates Opportunities in Hayward Wisconsin

Rising Stars Basketball Creates Opportunities in Hayward Wisconsin

Hayward Wis -- Hayward is best known for its lakes and trails, tourism, and great Musky Fishing. However, in 2020 a grassroots basketball club was launched to provide opportunities to athletes from age groups ranging from 10 years to 18 years of age.

Rising Stars Basketball Club as formed by 2003 Hayward High School graduate and local entrepreneur, Curtis DeCora. DeCora had been on the hunt for a basketball club since 2017 when DeCora's daughter had taken an interest in playing summer basketball. DeCora registered with the three clubs in northern Wisconsin from 2017 to 2019. This three year span included playing for a new club each year with hopes of stability, opportunity and overall development. The three clubs left a lot of be desired given their great reputations.

In 2020, DeCora had decided to form his own club and provide the opportunities the other clubs were seemingly lacking. DeCora placed an emphasis on skill development, equal opportunity, equal playing time, and an overall focus on developing the player. 2020 brought a season of challenges, gyms were lacking due to Covid-19 protocols and restrictions, practices were held outside in Rice Lake Wisconsin, and Chippewa Falls Wisconsin. Tournaments were located in Germantown Wisconsin, Wisconsin Dells, and Madison Wisconsin. The team brought girls from Hayward Wisconsin, Colfax Wisconsin, Chippewa Falls Wisconsin, Lacrosse Wisconsin, and Milwaukee Wisconsin. 2020 provided enough players to field just a single team; 12U girls team.

In 2021, Rising Stars Basketball expanded to 5 teams (12U Girls, 12U Boys, 13U Boys, 13U Girls, and a 17U Boys) and a total of 53 athletes registered. However, we had quickly found that Covid-19 wasn't in the rear-view mirror just yet. The Minneapolis Minnesota 5-game tournament was cancelled, and the 3-game tournament in Beaver Dam was cut short due to poor court conditions. The court at Wayland Academy was slick from humidity and was deemed too dangerous to continue. The 12U Boys, 13U Boys, and 17U Boys games were cut short, and all championship games were cancelled. The girls, however, were able to finish their games in full at The Barn in Menasha Wisconsin. There were great successes in 2021, however, 12U girls placed 2nd in Menasha Wisconsin with a 3-1 record, meanwhile the 17U boys placed 2nd in the Germantown Summer Hoops Classic.

In 2022, Rising Stars Basketball looks to expand yet again by focusing on creating 15U boys and 15U girls teams, and a 17U girls team. Additionally, previous players, Tyson Radermacher (Lac Courte Oreilles), and Chandler Walowinski (Hurley) will be coaching the 12U boys team, and returning Trey Matanich (South Shore) as the 13U girls coach. The schedule has already been released which includes four tournaments held at the 'Just A Game' Fieldhouse in Wisconsin Dells. In addition to the 4 tournaments which provide 13 games, and 14 team practices, there will also be 4 skills camps in the month of April. The "Attack the Rack" camp focused on scoring moves athletes can perform in games, the "Sniper School" camp is focused on making game speed shots with an emphasis on form, technique, and developing shooting range. The "Perimeter Camp" is focused on developing guard skills on the perimeter including ball handling, passing, scoring and utilizing proper footwork to be effective. Lastly, the "Advanced Perimeter Skills Camp" is for higher level athletes that will be placed into groups to work on beating defenders using footwork to create space, take space, and pointers to create advantages vs aggressive defenders.

Rising Stars Basketball offers an affordable experience, as the club charges just $300 per athlete, compared to other local clubs that charge $695, $795, and $1,100 per athlete for the same exact experience - less the skill development focus. Northern Wisconsin has a large pocket of schools and athletes that lack opportunities to develop their game without traveling 300-400 miles three times a week. That's where Rising Stars comes into play.

Rising Stars Basketball does not hold try-outs, everyone is welcome to join. All skill levels, and age groups are encouraged to join, and teams are developed based on the number of registered athletes. The focus of Rising Stars Basketball is to develop athletes by providing opportunities to increase skill, game knowledge, and overall character. Additional opportunities are available for those that wish to start coaching, get back into coaching, or continue their current coaching resume'. Current coaches are learning more about player development, building confidence, and working with athletes from all backgrounds. Our approach is about helping players find their unique talents, explore their abilities, and learn how to play with freedom and flexibility.

Athletes in the Indianhead Conference, Lakeland East, and Heart O' North are welcome to join and enhance their skills through competitive game play, weekly workouts, and skills camps held throughout the year. Annual membership includes free admission into weekly workouts and skills camps.

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